Solidworks Audi R8 Video Tutorial

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Solidworks Audi R8 Video Tutorial
English | 800x450 | 407 kbps | 1h 16min | 227 Mb​
In general, I decided to slow down a video to one frame per second (1 fps) in order that we could try to create this very model.
Those who have poor knowledge of the functional SW, this lesson is better not to shake, since in the end it turns out that in comparison with the original author, will be seen only every ~ 4 seconds of video and therefore see a detailed sequence of actions will not work. But for those who are versed in surface modeling SW, will become clear (judging by itself).

Master SolidWorks Surfacing and Complex Shape Modeling with this Step-by-Step Video Tutorial.
In this video tutorial shows how to SolidWorks (hereinafter SW) can create a model of car Audi R8.
This video long "walks" on the network, but he has two big disadvantages: 1 - accelerated playback (~ 200 times) 2 - for the full video will have to pay ($ 87-137).

Year: 2009
Language: English
Duration: 1h. 16min.
Video codec: DivX
Video: 800x450 (1.78:1), 1 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~ 407 kbps avg, 1.14 bit / pixel
Audio: None







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thanks bác!
hehe. em quen dùng catia modul shape and image hay 3Dmax rồi giờ dùng cái thằng solidwork này không biết có hơn gì không.

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