[0000304] Body Repair Manual hyundai Getz 2002

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This Body Repair Manual provides detailed repair procedures for repair of commonly
damaged structural panels on the Hyundai Getz. To aid in the information of the damaged
vehicle, body construction, replacement parts, body dimensions, body sealing locations,
corrosion protection and body repair procedures are contained herein.
The repair procedures specify locations where body members may be structurally sectioned.
All of the repair procedures have been performed on Hyundai Getz body shells and that
is currently available in most auto body repair shops.
The repair procedures illustrated in this manual were developed to simplify body repair
in order to reduce insurance costs, and indirectly, cost of ownership.
The vehicle should not be sectioned in locations other than those illustrated in this repair
manual. Furthermore, these repair procedures DO NOT apply to any other vehicle. The
individuals performing the work must assume full responsibility for the quality of their
We believe this manual to be helpful for Hyundai dealers, and anticipate it to be effectively
used for Hyundai vehicle bodies.
For the services of other than collision-damaged body parts of the Hyundai Getz, refer
to the Getz shop manual.
The illustrations and descriptive text in this manual were correct at the time of printing.
It is the policy of HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY to continuously improve its products.
Specifications and procedures are subject to change at any time without notice.


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