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New companies are coming up every now and then. There is a constant increase in the company graph rate all around the world. But how do we know that these companies are genuine or not? It is not true that all the companies that are opened are certified and legalized. While working with companies, one should always keep in mind that if the company is neither registered nor certified, then it is not legal. And if a person is found to be working with any such company, then the individual also falls in the category of defaulters.

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Many other related issues of consideration involve trademark application and registration. After getting the company registered, it is very important to apply for a trademark and getting it registered. But, what a trademark actually is? A trademark is nothing but a sign or a symbol which can be used as an indicator for a particular company. It is very important to give a trademark application in the registration office where all the registration work is done. Many companies like to give their trademark a shape symbolizing their brand. When such a design is to be registered then logo registration is said to be done.


Sometimes people may come across two different trademarks or logos that resemble a lot. For preventing any such confusion, some companies go for design registration as well. When people talk about design registration, they actually are talking about registering the logo design so that nobody else can use it. In order to avoid any such confusion, many a time's people trademark a name; it might be their own brand name. Two brands can never have same names. They have to be different in some or the other way. People trademark a name to maintain its authenticity.

Practices like trade marking a name and logo registration are exercised in order to prevent any harm that may be caused because of the same sounding brand names and similar looking symbols. Later, after applying for the trademark, the procedure can be further continued.

Trademarks are given on the basis of the category in which the brand product falls into. In the trademark classification, there are forty two distinct categories and these categories are further sub divided. There are thousands and thousands of companies established within a single country. In order to get all the trademarks registered, trademark classification is very important. It helps the people who work in the registration offices to classify them accordingly.Classification of trademarks shoulders the work load that otherwise would have become a burden. It is very important to understand the need of trademarks, their classifications, their applications as well as registrations. Every aspect holds great importance if the company owner wants its brand name to flourish and grow. The wrong people will always search for a chance and look for a loop hole. If even a small mistake is found during the early registration steps, it may cost the owner heavily later. However, trademark registration is not a daunting task, if done according to the procedure.

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