Autodesk Autocad Inventor Suite 2010 - x86

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Autodesk Autocad Inventor Suite 2010 - x86 | 3.91GB
The AutoCAD Inventor Suite product line combines Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software and AutoCAD Mechanical software to help you cost-effectively take advantage of a Digital Prototyping workflow.

With different product configurations that offer specific levels of functionality to fit your design needs, no company is more focused than Autodesk on helping you create accurate digital prototypes and bring better products to market faster at less cost.

AutoCAD Inventor Tooling Suite 2010
Helps automate the design of injection molds for plastic parts. It offers all the core functionality
of AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2010 plus automation tools that helps you leverage a digital prototype
to quickly create and validate complete mold designs.

AutoCAD Inventor Routed Systems Suite 2010
Offers all the core functionality of AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2010 plus automated tools for designing
routed systems, including complex tube and pipe runs as well as electrical cable and harness design.

AutoCAD Inventor Professional Suite 2010
Contains everything you need to produce, validate, and document complete 3D digital prototypes.
It offers all core featuresof AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2010 with the extended routed systems design,
tooling creation, and simulation features.

AutoCAD Inventor Simulation Suite 2010
Includes all the core functionality of AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2010 plus motion simulation and stress analysis.
This makes it easier to predict how the design will work under real-world conditions before the product is built.


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